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Customize YOUR Falcon


Give your personal touch to create YOUR Falcon. The Falcon is more than an ordinary catamaran, so you want to make sure it doesn’t look like an ordinary one! We give you the possibility to create your own unique Falcon. Choose color of mainsail, spinnaker, non skid or even hulls!

A small thing that actually makes a big difference. Discover here how a small change, makes a big difference.

Main sail and spinnaker colors

Get noticed and recognised by friend and family when you are out on the water. Create your unique combination of mainsail and spinnaker color

Red mainsail

Main sail

Go for smoke or the optional white or red.
Or be really unique and try every other color or combination of colors!

Red and white main sail


Tired of red or blue? Standard choice of 14 different colors for your spinnaker gives you a free possibility personalize your boat.

Multiple spinnaker colors14 different spinnaker colors

Non skid colors

Soft EVO non-skid lasts forever, doesn’t wear on your gear and is super comfortable to sit!
Furthermore, you can choose from 19 colors and patterns for an immediate personal touch and recognizable boat.

Personalised Falcons

Hull designs

The ultimate in creating your own boat. Make it truly unique with a special paint job.

Hull design