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About Falcon Marine

Continuing with our tradition of being a premier manufacturer of private label products for the industrial, marine, entertainment, transportation and aviation markets, Falcon Marine is now branding our own labeled product lines. Starting with the newest Formula 16 design, the Falcon, this state of the art performance racing sail boat/catamaran is the spring board for a product line of “green” performance craft. These semi-custom made to order products are being distributed through our factory direct program and we are creating an expanding regional and international support network. 

Our foray into the manufacturing of performance multihulls came about from our love of sailing and a lack of available boats to sail that fit our definition of a performance boat. There are a number of larger, heavy racing multihull production models on the market, but we were in search of something much lighter that was easier to move and sail, yet could still be competitive with the larger boats. Versatility was the key, as a lighter boat would be easier to set up and move and was something we were more likely to sail for fun, have fun sailing, yet be something that could still be raced competitively against the big boats with mixed teams, lighter crews or even youth sailors. Our search in 2004 lead us to the relatively new class of multihull called the Formula 16 and a designer that had developed a hull shape that promised to fulfill what we had been searching for. The first production Blade F16s debuted that year, and immediately became the standard against which all F16s would be measured. The high volume developed hull shape of the Blade was one of the first in the new trend of performance catamaran hulls, improving handling, and drastically improving on the boats ability to carry varying crew weights. The high-performance rig was developed with and with input from a large number of Olympic medalists, World and national champion sailors, and sail makers. The selection of lines, blocks and gear, and the layout of the control plan are second to none. The Falcon team, with 20+ years of national and international racing experience, has sailed and raced these boats from day 1 and the set up has been continually refined to optimize what is the most reliable and easiest to use.

Following the very successful introduction of the Blade F16, we were contacted by Bimare of Italy about partnering with them to produce a US built version of A-class catamarans based on their XJ catamaran. The A class catamaran is the ultimate in lightweight performance single handed racing. With a 165lb (75 kg) all up boat weight, these primarily carbon constructed vessels are the lightest, highest power to weight ratio boats available that border on being a work of art as well as a racing machine.

The Falcon teams experience in high-end manufacturing processes and our personal involvement in using these products ensure that our boats continue to remain on the very leading edge of the sport. After several years of extensive R&D and testing the newest F16 the Falcon is quickly proving to have raised the benchmark of performance again. The line of weight conscious performance driven boats will not stop there however, look for more exciting developments from Falcon Marine soon.